Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ok everyone!!!! I just became a Mary Kay consultant and im looking for customers, referrals and people who want to host parties!!!! please please please let me know if you or anyone you know wants to help me out. I am totally willing to travel and i have a full inventory so you wouldnt have to wait for your product. Even if you can only give me the name and number of someone you know who MIGHT be interested, that would be perfect! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! and i hope to hear from you soon!!!!
So this WAS my pretty glass top coffee table...until Dan decided that it would be a good idea to sit on it...good bye pretty table. But that's ok, we've been looking for a reason to get a new one with more forgiving corners on it since Brooklyn is a lot more mobile now, so Dan said he'd get me one for my birthday!!!!!
Bet you cant guess what Brooklyn's doing....
So it's a little blurry but still so cute. Brooklyn LOVES her Daddy and she tends to cling to him every chance she gets. this is her way of begging Dan to pick her up. Yes she can stand all by herself.
soooo i still cant figure out how to rotate these pictures but it's still cute. This is Grampy Van marveling at his ability to put Brooklyn to sleep. He was so proud! and rightfully so!!!!
Brooklyn getting ready for a car ride. She's got her 2 "must have" favorite toys with her, the infant tylanol to chew on and her trusty idaho potato friend.
Me, Dan and Uncle Kory took Brooklyn to the Harley Davidson store and she ended up finding a bike of her own and some new threads to to match Uncle Kory. She fit right in!